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The future of Patex startups starts here. Join the 1st launchpad of the advanced Patex Blockchain.

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Join Patex Pad in Four Simple Steps

Stake $PPAD

Access your tier, unlock your multiplier, secure your allocations. Staking $PPAD will define your participation.

Pass a KYC

Participating in the ChainGPT Pad requires that you signup and pass KYC.

Verify Wallet

After passing a KYC you will verify the wallet address that you will be using to participate in IDOs. One wallet per user.

Join IDOs

Signal your interest by registering for projects that you would like to participate in. Only those that register their interest can partake.

Upcoming Sales

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Tier System

Your tier will define your allocation & benefits within the Patex Pad platform. The higher your tier is, the more allocation and benefits you will get!

1x Allocation
4x Allocation
10x Allocation
40x Allocation

$PPAD Token

The Patex Pad Token is coming soon to the Patex Mainnet Network. Get ready to obtain $PPAD on September 15th. The original sale will be hosted on Patex Pad! Ready, set, Patex!

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Patex Pad Features

The unique features of Patex Pad provide users and projects with unique benefits.

Refund Policy

A flexible refund policy that allows IDO participants to request a refund for up to 14-days.

Fair Tier System

Our fair tier system offers everyone a fair chance to participate in IDOs. The more you stake the large your allocation will be. Entry cost $50.

Airdrops & NFTs

Access Airdrops & NFTs for Emerald & Diamond tier members. Earn more just by holding a tier!

Private & Public Sales

Tier members can participate not only in Public Sales but also in Private Sales. Get the same access to deals as Venture Capitals.

Hand Picked Projects

We select top notch Patex projects, so you get the best of the best. Only high quality projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patex Pad?
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What is Patex Blockchain?
What is The $PPAD Token?

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